In 1818 William & Lucinda Owens bought 50 acres on the banks of the Missouri River.  They drew up a map and began selling lots.  In 1834 William Owens was murdered,leaving his wife alone.  She went to the courthouse, straightened out the legal "mess" her husband left and filed for a plat, that became the town of Washington in 1839.
Washington is one of Missouri's oldest German settlements.  The German "migration" started in 1833 when 12 Catholic Families settled in this area.  The natural river landing made a beautiful site in which to settle.

Many people equate St Louis with the Busch Brewing Company, but in1854 John B. Busch, brewmaster opened up the first Busch Brewery.  It now stands at the VFW Hall

Another historical feature of Washington started in 1865 when Henry Tibbe opened a corncob pipe factory.  To this day, Washington holds the distinction of the Corncob Pipe Capital of the World.

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